Legal Clarification and Terms of Use for the Site

Golden Blessing Ltd. (hereinafter: "the Company") presents information on various subjects pertaining to the precious metal market and the capital market (hereinafter: "the Information") through the Company's website‎ ‎ (hereinafter: "the Site") – all subject to the following clarifications and conditions:
1. Use of the Site constitutes unequivocal consent to all of the terms of use appearing below and each such user is considered to have given their consent to these terms and as obligated to comply with them.
2. The Information on the Site is incomplete, it is not comprehensive and it is not exhaustive.
3. The Information on the Site is presented to the user as is. The Company makes constant efforts to ensure that the Information on the Site is accurate, up-to-date and error-free. Nevertheless, problems, disruptions, proofreading errors and other flaws may occur from time to time.
Technical problems on the user's computer, or with the user's internet provider, with the Site server or with other elements may create a situation where data is not up to date.
4. The Information on the Site originates from third parties and its veracity is not examined by the Company. The Company bears no responsibility for errors and/or mistakes and/or flaws in the Information presented on the Site. In any event of contradiction between the Information on the Site and official publications – the information appearing in official publications will take precedence.
5. The Information on this Site does not constitute investment advice and/or come in lieu of personal consultation that takes each person's needs and assets into account and has been adjusted accordingly by a certified investment consultant and therefore, the Information on this Site does not constitute a recommendation or an opinion, and does not take the place of the user's independent judgment.
6. The Company will bear no responsibility for any direct and/or indirect damage caused to the user and/or to any third party, as a direct and/or indirect result of the use of the Information on the Site, including damage to the user's computer. Furthermore, the Company will bear no responsibility for any damage, as a direct and/or indirect result, that may be caused due to changes in Site response times and/or unavailability of the Site and/or the Information. The user will not be entitled to make any complaint due to their reliance on the content published on the Site as complete information, or due to the fact that as a result of that, they made no use of other sources of information.
7. Presenting such Information does not place any responsibility on the Company to continue providing the Information in the future or updating it.
8. The Information presented does not compel the Company to engage in transactions on the basis of the data and the Information on the Site.
9. In the event that the Site enables the downloading of files and/or software, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage that may be caused as a result of the download and/or use of such files and/or software.
10. The Information on the Site may be protected by Israeli and other copyright laws. Note that the copyrights on the Site, so long as not otherwise noted in the text of the Information, are the sole property of the Company. The Information on the Site may not be copied, transmitted, duplicated, photographed, redistributed or published, in whole or in part, without the Company's express written consent.

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