Precious Metal Trade

Precious/noble metals are metals that do not generally react chemically with other materials, and therefore appear in nature as free metals, not as compounds. There are eight types of precious metals, including pure gold, pure silver, palladium and platinum. The most well-known is gold, and the most expensive is platinum. Their most prominent characteristic is their resistance to oxidization.
Precious metals are traded in dollar values and in troy ounce units of weight, which are equal to 31.1 grams. The use of ounces as a unit of weight began in ancient times, and ounces are currently used for trade in precious metals.
Trade takes place on two levels: stock market trading and physical trading.
Stock market trading: takes place on a number of stock exchanges around the world, the most important of which are London and New York. Each day, two representative rates are set for gold, platinum and palladium (the first rate at midday and the second rate in the afternoon) and one representative rate is set for silver (at midday).
Physical trading: actual purchase and sale of precious metals (such as ingots).
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