Real Time Rates

The price of gold and other precious metals is set on global gold stock exchanges, and it changes over the course of the trading day [BID / ASK / CHANGE].
The representative rate [FIX] is set twice a day [AM/PM] except on days when no trading takes place. For silver, a representative rate is set once a day [PM].
Gold and other precious metals are traded in dollars and in troy ounces, which are equal to 31.1 grams; therefore, in order to learn the price of a gram of gold, the price of an ounce of gold must be divided by 31.1.

  Bid Ask Change Low High Kg / Dollar Am Pm Sell / Buy Notifications
Gold 2,004.29 2,004.80 0.26 2,004.29 2,004.29 64,447.52 Sell Buy
Silver 23.00 23.01 0 23.00 23.00 739.63 Sell Buy
Euro / Dollar 1.0772 1.0775 0.0001 1.0772 1.0772
ILS / Dollar 3.7032 3.7089 0.0087 3.6926 3.7088

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