Precious Metal Refining

Refining gold and other precious metals (such as silver, platinum and palladium) is in effect a recycling process:

• Mining the pure gold;
• Smelting;
• Mixing the molten gold with other metals (copper, silver, nickel, etc.) and obtaining a homogeneous mixture, only part of which is pure gold;
• Using the resulting material for a variety of purposes (such as jewelry manufacturing);
• Smelting at the end of use;
• The smelted material undergoes a refining process – the pure metal is separated from the other alloyed metals. 
• The end result is pure gold, like at the starting point.
And over and over again...

One of Golden Blessing Ltd's main areas of activities is refining gold and other precious metals quickly, and with the option of purchasing the product. We can refine precious metals in bulk (for instance: old jewelry), lumps and waste (metal residue from manufacturing processes and metal dust created while polishing).

The process involves a number of stages: with bulk and lump metal – smelting for the purpose of creating a homogeneous block, checking the percentage of precious metal in the block by means of sampling (drilling chips from the block) and refining; in waste – before smelting, the organic materials in the waste are burned, the product of the burning is sifted and the waste is ground in order to achieve a homogeneous mixture.
The customer has two options:
Selling the block to Golden Blessing Ltd. – payment to the customer will be in accordance with the weight of the block and its karat level (the percentage of precious metal in the block relative to the other alloyed metals).
Refining the block and receiving the pure metal from it – the cost to the customer is for labor.


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